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So How much do services cost?

Because we Customize your service our FREE one hour consultation gives  us an opportunity to really get into right size service and pricing for your budget.

Our ala carte services can be tailored to the amount of help you need

from a flat fee for day of services, to an hourly rate for

paperwork, contract reviews and creative design elements such as powerpoint presentations,

photo posters, invitation creation and memory books.

Day of event services might include (but are not limted to) setting up the ceremony space for a wedding with candles, programs and other elements, greeting guests, giving directions to reception, having light refreshments available for the wedding party etc.

Gathering elements to be transported to the reception site and taking them to the reception and resetting. Attendance at the reception to direct guest, help keep everything on time, resolve issues that might arise with vendors, and act as a liason to the venue staff  so you can simply enjoy your guests and your day!

For a corporate event it might be hanging company banner, setting centerpieces and "swag", assisting vendors or speakers with set up hotel reservations flights and ground transportation. Attendance at the event for onsite problem resolution and interaction with the venue staff.


  • Complete event design and coordination quotes given based on scope of event, travel, and staffing, after one hour free consultation.

  • Attendance and assistance at the rehearsal is $50.00 for 1.5 hours

  • Day of assistance starts at $40.00 per hour for events needing only one staffer &  $60 per hour and up for 2 or more staff.

  • An average price range for creative design elements (memory book creation, powerpoint presentations etc) is $35.00 per hour (+ the cost of the book , DVD, Posters, favors etc)

  • Dessert buffet design, candy buffets etc quoted promptly after a consultation.

As you can see, there are a number of variables that go into figuring price when an agreement is CUSTOMIZED so

don't be afraid to call or email and talk to us, we really want to work with you!

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